「No Game No Life」


Hi, I'm Kiki, also known as Yakka. I am a 16 year old boy from East Java, Indonesia. Currently still studying in high school and aspires to become an English teacher in the future. I also create content on the internet, including on Theotown and YouTube. My inspiration comes from the internet, video games and isekai anime. I have few fictional countries and few original characters as my persona in the internet. My hobbies include programming, pixel art, playing games and watching anime.


I watch a lot of anime, and of course some are my favorite anime, and you can see a list of anime that I watched on the website My Anime List , most of the anime that I watch are in the isekai, fantasy or adventure genre, because I like them because most of the anime genres have unique storylines.


I also like to listen to music, if you are interested you can visit my Spotify profile,i like music with the J-POP, J-Rock, Chiptune, and Vocaloid genres. The music I listen to the most is in the playlists "Sora Odyssey" and "Yugoslavian Vibe" Most of the music I listen to is Vocaloid songs.


I often create theotown plugins, with 3 years of experience making plugins, I am familiar and proficient in making theotown plugins with over 350,000 downloads, the quality of my plugins will be guaranteed, i created at least 18 personal plugins and contribute to as many as 8 collaboration or team plugins. I am part of the NTTPC™ plugin creator team as well as the team leader, you can see my content below.

Indonesia Transport Pack

Is a plugin package that contains Indonesian trains along with their infrastructure, and a road package along with its decorations.

Nature Plus / Cytopia Pack

Is a theotown nature plugin package taken from Cytopia game graphics,Already has permission from the cytopia team.

Expanded Road Vehicle Pack

Is a road vehicle pack inspired by Euro Truck Simulator 2, containing a large variety of new trucks and vehicles.

Swiss Alps Railway

Is a package of plugins for the modern railways of Switzerland and its environs such as Italy, especially the Swiss Alps.

Yakka's Warehouse Pack

Is a pack of industrial warehouse buildings inspired by the game Cities Skylines, and currently has as many as 32 variations.

Other Plugins

I made many other plugins, and you can check it now via the official forum or github options below.

Fictional Country

I have several fictional countries to roleplay on several forums and political discord servers, one of which is nation states, most of the fictional countries that I make are socialist countries, because I like real world countries such as North Korea, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, and how good the system of socialism is if you look at the golden age of these countries.


The Republic of Yakanesia

Yakanesia is a liberal socialist country led by Konovik Sinokaren, and has a capital city in Sadjanore. It has a population of 9.8 Million people and a GDP of 28 Billion USD. Yakanesia is one of former lunarayan state.


The Republic of Brastokavia

Brastokavia is a federal republic headed by Dmitri Lyanka, and whose capital city is Yakurevo. It has a population of 13.5 million people and a GDP of 18.2 billion USD. Brastokavia is one of former lunarayan state.


The Kingdom of Carkinton

Carkinton is a monarchy ruled by Thersfon IV, and its capital city is Kirkonston. It has a population of 6.7 million people and a GDP of 18.26.2 billion USD.


The Republic of Flugenich

Flugenich is a republic led by Klaus Schmidt, and its capital city is Murschen. It has a population of 8 million people and a GDP of 23 Billion USD. Flugenich is one of former lunarayan state.

Original Character (OC)

OC (Original Character) is a unique character created by individuals in a creative community such as art, writing, or role-playing. I created several OCs as personas for the internet and for role-playing video games. Presenting their backstories is my favorite, which at the same time trains my storytelling skills and broadens my imagination. OC allows me to express myself and be a part of the work and entertainment that I love.


Sergia, is a programmer who lives in sadjanore. Born on September 30, height 160cm. Appears always wearing a dark green jacket. INTP personality, tend to be alone but close to friends. Nicknamed "Internet Advanturer" because he likes to surf the internet, especially in the topic anime, technology,and manga.


Alexia, is a digital artist living in sadjanore. Born on May 23, height 150cm. Has striking green hair and appears always wearing a long jacket. Having an INFP personality, her digital art conveys emotional meaning. Known on the internet for her beautiful pixel art, and she especially likes anime and manga topics.


Kanaki, a graphic designer from rural Yakanesia. Currently living in Sadjanore, born on March 9, 155cm tall, demi-human appearance from a successful experiment, with fox ears and tail. With an ENTP personality, she loves documentaries and enjoys traditional things, and always appears in her pink yukata.